Can You Smoke In Cozumel Mexico?

Mexico (including Cozumel), on January 15, 2023 will implement one of the strictest anti-tobacco legislations in the world by banning smoking in public spaces. This law extends the existing laws to ban smoking in public places, such as restaurants, bars and other public areas. In Cozumel, Mexico, the only place where tobacco is legal to smoke is in private homes and private outdoor areas. This is the most comprehensive and robust legislation in the Americas.

The new law represents a major step forward for tobacco control and reflects Cozumel Mexico’s commitment to reducing tobacco use and improving public health. According to the Mexican Ministry of Health, tobacco use is Mexico’s number one cause of preventable deaths. The new law will reduce the number of smokers and those exposed to secondhand smoke. The new law will reduce the cost of healthcare and save lives.

Vapes and Vaping in Cozumel

The law prohibits all trade, sales, distributions, imports, and exports of products that look like tobacco but are not tobacco. All vapes and devices for vaping are included. If this law is broken, the authorities may confiscate vapes or vaping devices and fine the responsible individuals. Authorities are taking this issue seriously to protect the public’s health and safety. To avoid legal consequences, it is important to refrain from engaging in illegal activities involving vapes and similar tobacco products.

Can You Smoke In Cozumel

Jail and Fines of Smoke In Cozumel

Smokers may have to adjust their smoking habits when visiting Cozumel, Mexico. Otherwise, they could face penalties for violating the law. If you refuse to comply with the ban, you could be fined between $50 and 300 USD and spend up to 36 hours in jail. Tourists should be aware of this new law and follow the rules. The consequences can be severe if they don’t.

Smoking Ban Impacts on Tourism

The smoke law is expected to improve tourism by improving the air quality. This law also reduces second-hand smoke exposure in public areas. Mexico’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control was ratified by the World Health Organization in 2004. The law is also in line with this convention. This treaty, with binding effect, aims at reducing tobacco consumption worldwide.

Smoking Policies In Hotels And Resorts

Smoking policies in hotels and resorts have undergone significant changes in recent years. Many establishments have implemented strict no-smoking policies throughout their premises.

However, recognizing that some guests still wish to smoke. So, the hotels and resorts have created designated smoking areas to accommodate these individuals. These smoking areas are typically located in outdoor spaces or designated rooms equipped with proper ventilation systems to minimize the impact of secondhand smoke on other guests.

Additionally, some hotels have implemented a completely smoke-free policy. Prohibiting smoking not only in indoor public areas but also in individual guest rooms. This approach aims to create a healthier environment for all guests and staff. Overall, smoking policies in hotels and resorts have evolved to balance smokers’ needs while prioritizing nonsmokers’ health and comfort. 

Options For Smokers In Cozumel

Cozumel has offered a range of options for smokers since a new smoking ban went into effect. Smoking is prohibited in most public spaces. Some beach clubs and resorts have designated smoking areas where smokers can relax and indulge without disturbing others. 

Additionally, several beachfront bars and restaurants provide outdoor smoking areas. To ensure smokers can continue to enjoy the island’s vibrant nightlife scene. Smokers visiting Cozumel can still find options to enjoy their habits while respecting the new regulations. 


Cozumel, Mexico, has one of the most strict anti-tobacco laws on the planet. Smoking tobacco in Mexico is only allowed in private homes and outdoor areas. The law includes strict penalties, such as fines or possible jail time for non-compliance. Tourists who smoke in public could also face fines. Mexico’s new smoking law will positively affect the economy and public health.

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