Cenote Zapote Eco-park: Puerto Morelos Adventure Tour Guide

Cenote Zapote is a historic Eco-park located in Puerto Morelos, off the Riviera Maya, Mexico coast. The park is situated along the famous Ruta de Los cenotes, a popular tourist destination for those looking to experience the natural beauty of Mexico.

The Cenote Zapote offers visitors the chance to explore underground caves, swim in crystal clear waters, and learn about the history and ecology of the region.

Visitors can take part in guided cenote tours of the caves or go on their adventure and explore the many nooks and crannies of this unique ecosystem.

Cenote Zapote Tour

The Cenote Zapote tour is the most exotic in Riviera Maya and will please travelers from Playa del Carmen.

In addition to visiting Cenote Zapote Ecopark, you can snorkel at the Puerto Morelos reef, considered one of Mexico’s best snorkeling spots.

The Cenote Zapote is lesser-known, but that offers lots of fun in the cenote, where you can explore 3 different cenotes and 5 different zip lines.

Where is Cenote Zapote?

Cenote Zapote in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, located a half-hour’s drive from Playa del Carmen. The park is located along the old road between the cities of Puerto Morelos and Valladolid.

Cenote Zapote Tour Itinerary

Below is an overview of the itinerary to the Cenote Zapote.

  • Pickup Time 7 AM.
  • Head to Puerto Morelos (a 30-minute drive)
  • Arrive at the port of Puerto Morelos and board the boat
  • Early-morning snorkeling tour of Puerto Morelos Reef (2 locations)
  • Travel to Zapote Ecopark (a 30-minute drive).
  • Visit the first cenote overwater zipline.
  • Zipline (5 different zip lines)
  • Visit the second Cenote (Deep Open Cenote)
  • Lunch
  • Visit the third Cenote (Underground Closed Cenote)
  • Reach Playa del Carmen with a 30-minute drive
  • Drop Off Time: 3:00 PM 

Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos

The first thing is snorkeling in Puerto Morelos. You will reach the Puerto Morelos reef on board a small boat. It is a great place to snorkel near Playa del Carmen.

The scuba diving in Puerto Morelos was incredible; we could observe different types of corals, fishes, and life underwater. The most memorable part of the dive was the encounter with sea turtles.

Cenote Zapote Ecopark

For the next stop, you’ll be taken to the cenote Zapote Ecopark, a 30-minute drive from Puerto Morelos.

Cenote Zapote is a large cenote park named after the trees called Sapote that can be found in the park.

Once the vehicle has been parked, you will walk between the cenotes Zapote and zip lines.

First Cenote

The first Zapote cenote you’re about to visit is a large open-air cenote with an overwater cenote zipline. 

This is a makeshift rope zipline, holding onto the triangular hand and falling into the cenote pool. 

This cenote is one of the favorites that I introduced to you, and it will give you a good ride!

Cenote Zapote Ziplining

After you’ve completed the first ziplining lesson, you’ll head to the rope course. Once equipped with the harness, you’ll ascend tall wooden stairs to the first platform.

I have to say the zipline system at Cenote El Zapote was considerably more modern than others in Latin America.

It has a durable braking system, so you can enjoy the ride without worrying about stopping.

The whole zipline course was fun; you could go upside down if you chose to.

Second Cenote

The second cenote is outstanding and has a high jumping platform and a cave system below.

If you are fearless enough, you can dive into the water or walk down the stairs to the lower platform.

However, the cenote water is very cold to swim in or float in. You’ll want to bring a rash guard or swim shirt to keep warm while you’re there.


The lunch I ate has not impressed me in the least, but I have to praise what we ate.

You’ll be treated to a taco feast, beans, rice, and homemade tortillas. Mexican women serve the lunch so that you can taste authentic Mexican food.

Third Cenote

The last location of the tour is a dark cave similar to cenotes. It has steep steps going down into a pool full of stalactites and stalagmites. You can swim or float in this pool if you wish.

What to Bring on the Tour

Watch for these specific items during the tour. There are a lot of waterproof cameras and GoPros on the market that you may want to bring along.

You’ll be taking a lot of water activities, so it’ll be good to have a waterproof camera that can mount around your wrist or shoulder.

  1. Swimsuit according to your size
  2. A big size Towel
  3. GoPro or a waterproof camera for underwater photography
  4. Biodegradable sunscreen
  5. Rash Guard from UV protection
  6. Water Shoes
  7. A pair of clothes to change
  8. Some money for tips

Cenote Zapote Tour Cost

It costs $145 per person with a minimum of six people and is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you wish to engage in watersports in Puerto Morelos, the price is USD 59 per person and is provided on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 11 AM.

Consider the price of the tour includes:

  1. An experienced guide (English and Spanish Language)
  2. Transportation (including hotel pickup)
  3. Park fees
  4. Lunch (Authentic Mexican Food)


In conclusion, the Cenote Zapote Ecopark is a great place to visit if you’re looking for an adventure. The trip was very informative, and the scenery was beautiful. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun and educational experience.

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