Playa La Saladita Mexico: Ultimate Guide Of Surfing Paradise

La Saladita, Mexico is a surfers paradise. The waves are some of the best in the world and the water is warm year-round. It’s no wonder that this small town has become a mecca for surfers from all over the globe.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, La Saladita has something to offer. The gentle waves make it ideal for beginners, while the more advanced can find challenging breaks further out. There are also plenty of surf schools and instructors in town, so you can learn or improve your skills while you’re here.

If you’re not a surfer, don’t worry – there’s still plenty to do in La Saladita. The beaches are beautiful and there’s plenty of opportunity for swimming, sunbathing, fishing, and exploring.

How To Get La Saladita, North of Troncones, Mexico

La Saladita is located in the state of Guerrero on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. The best way to get there is by car or bus.

Guerrero is about a 10-hour drive from Mexico City, so it’s best to take a bus or fly into one of the nearby airports. La Saladita is about a four-hour drive from Acapulco and a three-hour drive from Zihuatanejo. There are also buses that run between these cities and La Saladita.

Once you arrive in La Saladita, you’ll find that the waves here are some of the best in the world for surfing. The town is small and laid-back, and the locals are friendly and welcoming.

Playa La Saladita Mexico

What To Do at Playa La Saladita

Here are some tips on what to do in La Saladita Mexico:

  • Head to Playa Miramar for some of the best waves in town.
  • For a more laid-back vibe, check out Playa Rinconcito.
  • For an adrenaline rush, try your hand at bodyboarding at Playa El Encanto.

No matter what your level of surfing experience just grab your board and hit the waves!

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The Perfect Location To Surf

With a name that translates to “Little Salad,” La Saladita is a hidden gem located on Mexico’s Pacific coast. This secluded beach is the perfect destination for surfers of all levels. The gentle waves make it ideal for beginners, while the more experienced can enjoy the challenging conditions further out.

La Saladita is also famous for its beautiful sunsets. Surfing here is an unforgettable experience, especially when watching the sun dip below the horizon from atop your board.

Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or someone who’s never been on a board before, La Saladita is the perfect place to catch some waves and soak up some rays.


The Best Time To Go

La Saladita is a renowned surfing destination, and thousands of people flock here each year to catch some waves. But when is the best time to go?

The answer varies depending on what kind of waves you’re looking for. If you’re a beginner, the best time to go is between November and February. The waves during this time are smaller and more manageable, making it perfect for those just starting out. Experienced surfers, on the other hand, will want to come between March and October. These months see larger waves that offer a more challenging (and thrilling) ride.

No matter when you come, though, you’re sure to have an incredible time year round at La Saladita.

What To Bring

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, there are certain items you will need to bring with you on your surfing adventure. This packing list will help ensure you have everything you need for a fun and safe trip.

First, you will need a good surfboard. If you do not have your own, you can usually rent one at the beachfront surf rental shop. Be sure you get a board that is the right size for your height and weight. You will also need a leash to attach your board to your ankle. This will prevent the board from floating away if you fall off.

Next, you will need some wax to help keep your feet attached to the board. Wax comes in different colors, so choose one that matches the temperature of the water you will be surfing in. Cold water needs harder wax, while warmer water needs softer wax.

Saladita Mexico

Where To Stay In La Saladita

There are many accommodation options available to visitors of La Saladita. Choose from one of the top rated options to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

The Casa del Sol is a popular choice for its convenient location and affordable rates. This hotel is situated just steps from the beach, making it easy to enjoy the surfing paradise that La Saladita is famous for.

For those looking for a more luxurious stay, the Villa del MarLa Casa Blanca is a popular choice. This villa offers stunning ocean views, as well as a private pool and spacious rooms. Guests can also enjoy access to the on-site spa during their stay.

Where To Stay In La Saladita

The Best Beaches

La Saladita is one of the best beaches for surfing in Mexico. The waves here are some of the most consistent in the country, making it a great place for beginner and intermediate surfers alike. The beach is also relatively uncrowded, so you won’t have to deal with too many people in the water.

If you’re looking for a more challenging wave, head to nearby Playa Zicatela. This beach is known for its big waves, which are perfect for experienced surfers. There are also a few restaurants and bars in the area, so you can fuel up before or after a day of surfing.

Finally, no list of the best beaches in Mexico would be complete without mentioning Todos Santos. This small town is home to some of the best surf spots in the country, as well as a number of great hotels and restaurants.

Best Beaches

The Best Restaurants

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in La Saladita, Mexico, you’ve come to the right place. This ultimate guide will tell you everything you need to know about where to eat in this surfing paradise.

There are plenty of great places to eat in La Saladita, but if you’re looking for the very best, you can’t go wrong with El Farallon. This restaurant overlooks the ocean and offers stunning views along with its delicious seafood dishes. Another great option is El Rincon del Surfer, which is a popular spot with locals and visitors alike. If you’re looking for something a bit more casual, La Playa Burrito is the perfect spot for a quick bite.

No matter what kind of food you’re in the mood for, you’ll be able to find it in La Saladita.

The Best Restaurants of Playa La Saladita Mexico

The Local Scene

If you’re looking to really get to know a place and its culture, there’s no better way than to meet the locals. In La Saladita, Mexico, the locals are some of the most friendly and hospitable people you’ll ever meet. They love to share their culture with visitors and are always happy to help with whatever you need. getting to know the locals is a great way to learn about the area’s history, customs, and traditions.

Spending time with locals will also give you a better understanding of what day-to-day life is like in La Saladita. You’ll get to see first-hand how the community comes together and how they enjoy their leisure time. Getting to know the locals is an essential part of any trip, and it’s something that you’ll never regret doing.


As you can see, La Saladita is the perfect surfing destination. With its beautiful waves and stunning scenery, it’s no wonder that this place is a surfer’s paradise. So what are you waiting for? Grab your board and hit the waves!

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