Is there Amazon in Mexico? Complete Guide Amazon Mexico 2023

Is there Amazon in Mexico? You’ve found the right guide!

I’m a travel writer based in Cancun, Mexico, so I’ve figured out ways to find my top Amazon products.

In this blog post, I’ll provide the basics on Amazon Mexico, including what’s available, the shipping choices, Amazon Prime availability, and the major distinctions you should expect to see from Amazon Mexico and Amazon US.

Amazon in Mexico

So, I’ve got it covered whether you’re in Mexico or need to catch up with your most-loved Prime shows while on your Mexico vacation.

Find out everything you must be aware of concerning Amazon and Amazon Mexico!

Is there Amazon in Mexico?

Yes, there’s Amazon in Mexico. Amazon Mexico has yet to offer the same variety of products and services as Amazon US, but it’s an excellent option to shop online in Mexico.

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About Amazon Mexico

Amazon Mexico is the Mexican segment of, Inc., the largest online retailer in the world.

Amazon Mexico was launched in 2015 initially as an e-book service. Still, it is now a wide variety of items such as books, electronics, clothing, home goods, beauty products and much more.

If you already have an Amazon account in the US, You can use the Amazon account from Mexico; however, you will come under different conditions and policies regarding shipping and customer support.

Additionally, the Prime benefits you receive from your US account aren’t applied to Mexico, and you’ll have to register with Prime at Amazon Mexico’s website Amazon Mexico site if you wish to avail of Prime delivery benefits.

Amazon Mexico Online Shopping

Amazon Mexico: Product Availability

The Amazon Mexico offers a wide assortment of items such as books, electronic devices, household goods, clothing, etc.

Amazon Mexico has come a considerable distance in the last few times, but it offers various products and services than Amazon USA.

Electronics and technology products for the consumer are priced higher in Mexico, which is why Amazon US is still a superior choice for these products.

Amazon Mexico Products

Amazon Mexico offers products it sells directly, as well as products that third-party Amazon sellers sell.

Products sold directly through Amazon Mexico are much easier to find and arrive faster.

If you shop on the Amazon Mexico website, you’ll need to look for listings marked with the following:

  • Enviado por Amazon
  • Envio desde Amazon Mexico
  • Vendido por Amazon Mexico
Woman Online Shopping Amazon Mexico

Is There Amazon Prime in Mexico?

Amazon Prime is available in Mexico, and it is a membership service allowing users to access expedited delivery of streaming music, videos, and other benefits.

To sign up for Amazon Prime in Mexico, you can join for a 30-day trial for free and pay a monthly cost of $99 Mexico (about 5 USD).

You can also save money by settling the annual cost of 899 Mexican dollars (about 45 USD), which amounts to about 75 MXN (about USD 3.70) monthly.

Amazon Mexico: Shipping Options

Regarding delivery, Amazon Mexico is less sophisticated with its logistics centers, fulfillment centers and trucks branded like Amazon US.

There are still speedy delivery options within Mexico; however, Amazon deliveries to Mexico are likely slower than those you’re used to in the US, particularly when you do not have Prime.

Amazon Prime Mexico Expedited Shipping

If you sign-up with Mexico Amazon Prime, you’ll be able to enjoy these benefits for shipping that are exclusive to Mexico Amazon Prime:

  • Free 1-day shipping on certain items to more than thirty cities across Mexico which includes Cancun, Guadalajara, Leon, Mexico City, Monterrey, Puebla, Puerto Morelos, Queretaro, San Miguel de Allende, Tulum, and Toluca
  • Get free day-of-the-week shipping on certain items for Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Toluca
  • Deliveries on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Free unlimited shipping on all items shipped via Amazon Mexico
  • No minimum purchase
  • Free shipping within the United States with delivery in 3-7 business days

Amazon Mexico Standard Shipping

If you need to be signed to Prime, Amazon Mexico offers regular shipping costs nationwide and low prices for international delivery.

Based on the item’s availability, basic shipping times for Amazon purchases range between 3-7 days.

Does Amazon deliver to Mexico from the Amazon United States?

Yes, a lot of Amazon US products are shipped directly to Mexico, and the best part is that usually, you won’t have to incur any additional cost for import taxes on delivery.

Amazon ships to Mexico and incorporates tax on importation in the total cost of the product. They usually are flagged by the “Importacion” designation on the product’s page.

This is an excellent reason to shop on Amazon since international orders made via other providers like FedEx or DHL usually are subject to a substantial import fee that has to be paid once the order is shipped.

I purchased a Laptop on Amazon US, and it was delivered to me in Mexico within a week without any problems with shipping to Mexico.

Amazon Mexico Delivery

Is Amazon Mexico shipping reliable?

The shipping service through Amazon Mexico is reliable as long as you reside in a location that allows you to receive packages.

If you are in a condominium or apartment that has an office with a front desk, you should not have a problem getting Amazon packages.

If you reside in an apartment complex with no pickup point for packages, it’s usually safer to ship your package to a nearby pickup location.

This will prevent delivery of the parcel from becoming taken if it is delivered while you’re away from home.

All Amazon Mexico delivery issues that occur usually stem from an address that was wrongly entered. Mexico addresses are complex and quite different from standard US addresses.

Confirm the correct shipping address for your rental apartment by contacting your landlord. It is also possible to utilize Mexico addresses exactly as it is on your CFE electric bill.

Amazon Prime Video Streams in Mexico

Amazon Prime Video streaming service is available in Mexico and has many streaming TV and films.

You’ll still see many of the most well-known American television and film titles in Amazon Prime Mexico. Still, there is more Spanish content since it’s targeted at the Mexican audience.

Amazon Prime Video Mexico is included in the Amazon Prime membership, which costs $99 per period (about 5 USD).

Amazon Prime Video Mexico

Amazon Music in Mexico

The Amazon Music is available in Mexico and provides a broad collection of music and albums. No ads Amazon Music is included for Amazon Prime members.

What is Amazon Mexico different from Amazon US?

Here are a few most important differences you are likely to see between Amazon Mexico and Amazon US:

  • Product Accessibility: Amazon US has more items than Amazon Mexico. Amazon Mexico is quickly catching up. However, there are a lot of items you won’t find in Amazon Mexico. The great thing is that many US items can be shipped to Mexico for free for Prime customers.
  • Delivery Speed: Amazon America offers a faster delivery service as compared to Amazon Mexico, but Amazon Mexico is now catching up. Amazon Prime streaming is available in both countries and offers faster and free shipping on certain orders.
  • Price: Amazon US typically has cheaper rates than Amazon MX. This is due to the import costs, which may result in Amazon Mexico prices being higher than Amazon US prices, especially for consumers and electronics.
  • Prime Videos: Amazon US has an extensive range of Prime Video content than Amazon Mexico. There are still plenty of identical American films, but there’ll be more Spanish shows and movies.
  • Other Services: Amazon USA offers additional services such as Amazon Fresh, Amazon Prime Now, Amazon Home Services,
  •  and Amazon Renewed. But Amazon Mexico does not offer any of these services.
Amazon Mexico Fulfillment Center

Amazon Alternatives in Mexico

Amazon is most likely to be the leader in online shopping in Mexico. Some alternatives to Amazon allow you to shop around and compare item prices.

  • Mercado Libre: Mercado Libre is big e-commerce websites in the Mexico. Mercado Libre offers many goods, such as clothes, electronics, books, etc. Mercado Libre is a great location to search for Amazon alternative products in Mexico, where you can find lower prices and shorter delivery times.
  • Linio: Linio is another great Amazon alternative that is offered throughout Mexico as well as Latin America and offers a vast array of goods such as furniture, electronics, clothing, shoes, books and much more.

Tips for Using Amazon in Mexico

Utilize these suggestions when using Amazon’s website: Amazon Website in Mexico:

  • Shopping on Amazon Mexico products: Purchasing products directly from Amazon Mexico is the quickest method to get your products. Third-party sellers generally require more time to arrive. Furthermore, Amazon US products take longer to arrive and may be more expensive because of customs charges and import tax.
  • If there isn’t a facility for receiving packages in your home, send the package via an Amazon pickup location: Package theft is common in Mexico; therefore, it’s advisable to ship only to your residence or rental property if you have packages receiving. If your building doesn’t offer any package receiving, you’ll need to send your package to the nearest pickup location (“punto of entrega”), which you can visit to pick up your order.
  • Remember that the prices listed are Mexican pesos. Amazon Mexico prices are shown in Mexican pesos instead of US dollars. Use an online conversion tool for currencies to get an estimated price.
  • Input Your Mexican address correctly. Most delivery issues are caused by the delivery address needing to be entered correctly. Make sure you fill in your address correctly when making your purchase. The best guideline is to use your home’s address precisely, as shown on your CFE electricity bill.
  • Utilize a VPN to watch Prime Video Amazon Prime Video isn’t accessible across all nations. If you’re trying to access Amazon Prime Video from outside the US, it is necessary to connect with a VPN. The VPN (virtual private network) lets you change your IP address to make it appears like you’re using the internet through a different country. This trick lets you connect to Amazon Prime Video from anywhere globally.
Amazon Mexico Shipping

Amazon in Mexico: FAQs

Here are the solutions for the top questions asked concerning Amazon Mexico:

Can I stream US Amazon Prime in Mexico?

US Amazon Prime Video streaming is not available in Mexico. Some shows are available for viewing internationally, but most content is restricted. If you’d like to stream US Amazon Prime in Mexico, You’ll need VPN to disguise your IP.

Does Amazon Prime deliver in Mexico free?

Amazon Prime members in Mexico are eligible for free one-day or same-day shipping in select cities. Prime members can get free shipping if not in a large city, but it’ll take a little longer.

What’s the price of Amazon Prime cost in Mexico?

After a 30-day trial period, Amazon Prime in Mexico costs $99 MXN (about $5 USD) monthly. Alternatively, you could save cash through an annual cost of $899 Mexico Dollars (about 45 USD).

Can you return items purchased that you purchased from Amazon Mexico?

You can return most items purchased on Amazon Mexico within 30 days. Suppose returns are allowed for the product you purchased. Make sure you read the return policy before making a purchase.

You are responsible for wrapping the item by yourself under the return guidelines for that particular product. Additional information about Amazon Mexico’s return policy can be found here. Amazon Mexico Return policy is available here.

Do you require a Mexican credit card to use Amazon Mexico?

There is no need to require a Mexican credit card to make purchases on Amazon Mexico. American credit cards can be used to pay for purchases such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Using the Amazon gift card on Amazon Mexico is also possible, but Amazon US gift cards will not be accepted on the Mexico website.

Can you use Amazon Mexico in English?

There needs to be a way to change the language settings on Amazon Mexico. There’s no option to switch the language settings on Amazon Mexico. Amazon Mexico website to English. If you don’t know Spanish, consider applying Google Translate. Use the Google Chrome browser plugin to translate the entire site.

Amazon MX

Conclusion: Amazon in Mexico Guide

This article will help address your concerns about Amazon orders from Mexico.

If you’re a Mexican resident or a non-Mexican that lives in Mexico, Amazon can be an excellent source for shopping online. If you’re in a major city in Mexico, you are eligible for Amazon Prime benefits like 1-day delivery.

Amazon is a massive e-commerce chain, and Amazon Mexico is no different! It’s easy and fast to purchase your favorite items and then deliver them to your doorstep in Mexico.

Happy Amazon shopping!

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