Aldea Zama Tulum: Complete Guide 2023

Who can afford the crazy high prices of accommodation in Tulum? Only some people can pay a high price for a lodge in Tulum Beach. That’s why many people prefer to stay in Aldea Zama. A new and trendy neighborhood in the Riviera Maya.

Can you stay at Aldea Zama, Tulum? What are the Pros and Cons of it?

I’m a travel blogger who lives in Cancun, Mexico. I am a frequent traveler to Tulum. It is a great destination of Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Last time I stayed there for around seven days and collected a lot of information about this area. So, I have created this guide for you. It’s all about the pros and cons of staying in Aldea Zama. You also learn about the best hotels, villas, and restaurants.

Where is Aldea Zama?

Aldea Zama is situated midway between Tulum Pueblo and the coast. It is the closest to the coast.

Suppose you’re riding a bicycle, a popular, eco-friendly mode of transport in Tulum. You’ll be at any of Aldea Zama’s beach clubs in less than 10 minutes. If you’re interested in exploring Tulum’s hotel area, it will take under 30 minutes to get there.

Additionally, Downtown Tulum and its famous bars, restaurants, and shops are within 15 minutes on a bicycle.

Aldea Zama is also quite close to other major Riviera Maya towns. It is possible to arrive from Playa del Carmen in 45 minutes via car or to the Cancun Airport in 90 minutes. If you want to explore Tulum’s hotel Zone, you’ll need thirty minutes to get there.

Aldea Zama Tulum

Amenities in Aldea Zama?

Presently, Aldea Zama is the most exclusive residential area in Tulum. Tulum is now a world-class destination. But not all areas have been receiving visitors.

In the area of Aldea Zama, everything has been built and urbanized. The cables for utilities like electricity, internet, and phone are underground. Meaning there is no obstruction to your sky views.

Best Hotels In Aldea Zama

My top choice for the hotels, villas and resturants are given below:

Arthouse Art Residences – Best For Couples or Friends

This residence offers large apartments. That features top-of-the-line furniture. Specific flats come with a private swimming pool. The pools are set on an outdoor terrace.

All guests have access to a beautiful garden. They also enjoy a shared pool with sunbeds. 
Some buildings were constructed around the property. Thats why the entrance is not much appealing. 

Casa Wahh – Good For Family Stay

Casa Wahh is an apartment complex near restaurants and leisure facilities. That equipped with light and spacious modern-day homes.

The upper-floor flats have gorgeous balconies. The most spacious apartment has a fully equipped kitchen and can accommodate seven people.

The choice is based on your apartment’s location and your flat’s area. Enjoy one of the four private outdoor pools. If you wish to choose, ask when booking.

KASA Hotel Kuyen – Adults Only

Kasa Hotel Kuyen is a perfect spot for an unforgettable stay of couples.

It is possible to enjoy Tulum weather from the rooftop pool. You can reserve a suite with an exclusive pool if you prefer more privacy. Each suite has an outdoor view. However, those located on the ground are somewhat darker.

The staff is welcoming, and the restaurant serves excellent Mexican food.
The area is tranquil and secure. However, the hotel is quite a distance from the city of Tulum. It is possible to rent bikes on the premises. The price is high for bike rent.

Jungle luxury Tulum Condo

It’s also a great place for stay. The staff is helpful and friendly. The team ensure your stay is comfortable in this modern, spacious, fully-equipped condo that can sleep up to five people. Be aware that you may be disturbed by some construction noise since the home is in a rapidly growing neighborhood.

You’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful outdoor space with a patio, a private pool, and a terrace with your loved ones. To spice up your stay, use the bike of the apartment to explore Tulum Pueblo, 10 minutes away.

Villas Alakin

Villa Alakin is a beautiful property that offers condos for rental. They are also available to sell if you research more. The cost is around 70 dollars per night, and you’ll get all the amenities. You’ll require for your stay.

From a primary pool to a gym, you’ll be able to work out within the convenience of your apartment. It is possible to rent this space via Airbnb and located between houses and the area where you’ll stay. It allows you to have a great time in Tulum.


Pros of Staying in Aldea Zama Tulum

Below are the main advantages of staying in Aldea Zama.

Closest District to Tulum Beach

Access to the beach from Aldea Zama is easy. You will require transportation to arrive.
Taxis can be expensive; therefore, riding bicycles or scooters and avoiding Kukulcan, unsafe with two wheels, is recommended.

The beaches in the north are more accessible and easy to reach. For example, Playa Pescadores, a public beach, is only 45 minutes from the airport.

The area is well-equipped with bicycle paths. However, they continue along the way toward the beach. Do not ride in the evening or after dusk since it’s not well-lit.

Great Hotels and Apartments at a Lower Price

The real estate market is very good. In addition, many condominiums and hotels offer reductions because the region is in construction.

Suppose you’d like to relax at the pool in the comfort of a hotel. Aldea Zama is ideal for avoiding costly beaches. You can enjoy great facilities and exciting activities in a tropical location.

No doubt, you’ll be enjoying the view from the numerous rooftops.

Great For Long-Term Stay

Aldea Zama Tulum allows you to live stress-free. Set in the lush jungle, this tranquil and secure neighborhood of homes continues to grow.

Numerous construction sites are in progress. Its tree-lined walkways for pedestrians. The area that has around the Fit-a-licious is an enjoyable place to stroll.

There are a variety of hotspots to fill your time. Whether it’s shopping at places like Afrodita, sweating out in the Tulum Fight Club, taking a break at Tulum’s Lotus Spa Tulum, or drinking a cocktail at sunset on the Muuyal Rooftop in the evening.

Reliable Wi-Fi can provide peace of mind to businesspeople and women working at home.

Aldea Zama Is Safe District

In the morning, Aldea Zama is very busy. Traffic is intense both on foot and in vehicles and even with two-wheeled. The area is secure If you don’t wear your jewelry.

Beware of the zone in between Aldea Zama and Tulum Pueblo, especially at night, on a bicycle.
Also known as “the invasion,” This area is full of illegal dealers that the government is trying to eliminate, and it is a place where poverty is evident.

At any time, tourists are greeted with glances that can make you feel uncomfortable and create a feeling of desire.

Therefore, if you must reach Aldea Zama from Tulum Pueblo or vice versa, it’s better to take beach roads.

High-End Design of Buildings

Aldea Zama is a small, friendly neighborhood. It provides all facilities for tourists who stay throughout the year. 

The area is part of urban planning. That makes it one of the best-equipped areas for transportation, networks, and security.

If you like local cuisine, you can enjoy it at a reasonable price. The property market is affordable to rent or sell.

With the constant growth of the area, buying an investment property in Aldea Zama is a good investment.

Why You May Not Like Aldea Zama Tulum

There are some cons given blow for living in Aldea Zama.

You’ll Have To Hire A Scooter, Car Or Bike Or Pay For Costly Taxi

It is very crowded, especially during peak season, so bikes are a great choice for shopping and taking a trip to the beach.

How to Get Around Tulum

Rent a bicycle from Aldea Zama Bike Rental, which takes charge of everything you need, or purchase one based on the duration of your stay in Tulum. It is cheaper.

You could also opt for an apartment that comes with the rental of bikes.

Taxis are costly and difficult to find. It’s better to have phone numbers that are five or ten different numbers.

Constructions Noises

Tulum continues to grow with new projects popping out. The numerous construction sites have no rest days, which continue until late into the evening.

Also, you could be disturbed by noise from construction at Aldea Zama. Before booking, be sure to know more about the area.

No Mexican Vibes

Aldea Zama is a residential area for ex-pats. Unless you visit Tulum Pueblo, you won’t feel the Mexican vibes or the Tulum life.

The area is ideal if you wish to relax at home and take a short trip to the beaches or tourist sites like the Mayan ruins.

Best Places For Eat And Drink

Below are the best places that Aldea Zama offers for eat and drink.

  • Rossina Cafe
  • Safari
  • Mamazul
  • La Barra Estelar
  • Norita Tulum
  • Kokoro Tulum
  • Campanella Cremerie
  • Bejuco Restaurant
  • Fit-a-licious
  • Elysium Tulum Cafe & Bar
  • Muuyal Rooftop
  • Zamanik

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