Can You See Cuba From Cancun?

Cuba And Cancun are two of the most sought-after locations within the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. They are near each other, meaning you can travel to Cuba from Cancun via flight. Traveling to Cuba via Cancun, Mexico, and the reverse takes about an hour. Are you wondering Can you see Cuba from Cancun? 

It is not possible to see Cuba from Cancun. Even Cancun’s highest building, the Secrets the Vine, is as tall as 272 feet, but you’ll never see Cuba in Mexico. The vast distance separating the two regions makes it hard to view Cuba from Cancun. It would be helpful to be closer to the country for a better view of Cuba.

You may have heard tales of people who saw floating lights that danced across the water that showed a vibrant city from another country. If you believe you’ve seen a completely different world in the distance, you are either a skilled eye-sighter, or your eyes may be tricking you.

The distance between them could be too close that one might wonder if you could observe Cuba in the distance from Cancun. But, seeing any area or part of Cuba in the distance of Cancun is nearly impossible.

Can You See Cuba From Cancun

Cancun To Cuba Distance

There are 941 km or 585 miles of distance between Cancun and Cuba. It takes about one hour of air travel to Cuba or Cancun.

Distance is one of many reasons to see Cuba from Cancun. A significant gap needs to be bridged, and to expect a glimpse from the Cancun viewpoint isn’t possible.

Reasons Why You Can’t See Cuba From Cancun

There are many other reasons why it’s impossible to view Cuba from the distance of Cancun:

  1. A naked eye can only see a distance of 3 miles when there is clear weather and clear visibility. The distance in between Cuba and Cancun is much greater than three miles. It would not be easy to imagine the city at this much distance.
  2. Crossing the 143 miles of coast-to-coast distance that separates Cuba from Cancun is still necessary. From the coast that separates them, it would not be easy even to see the crest of Cuba—only the vast horizon when you decide to search for Cuba from the point of reference.
  3. Additionally, the curvature of the earth is your main concern. Your naked eye can travel up to three miles with a clear vision and an uncluttered surface. When you consider the curvature of the earth, this reduces the chance of being able to see Cuba in the distance from Cancun. You could be confronted with 16.7 inches of curvature, which may limit your viewing angles.
  4. Elevation won’t play tricks on you to see Cuba at a distance from Cancun. No matter where you stand, in Cancun’s tallest structure, it is impossible to look out over Cuba. Even the most distant point in Cuba to Cancun Guanahacabibes Peninsula must be visible.

Can You Go to Cuba from Cancun?

You can travel to Cuba from Cancun with a Cuba visa. Obtaining an entry pass at Cancun Airport before you depart from Cuba is easy. It could take around one hour and twenty-five minutes until you arrive at Havana Airport.

How To Get From Cancun To Cuba?

Suppose you want to visit Cuba from Cancun and think a ferry is the easiest method of traveling between these two countries. However, there needs to be a ferry service that connects these two countries. The 100-mile distance between Cancun and Cuba might seem small. However, it’s far enough for the ferry service to travel on one gasoline tank.

The only method to travel between Cancun to Cuba is via air! Here’s the information you must be aware of:

  • Interjet is a well-known and inexpensive Spanish airline offering a range of daily flights to Havana.
  • The price of your ticket will be around $100 for one way.
  • In the Mexican airport, you’ll have to obtain an entry visa for Cuba. It is possible to do this regardless of whether your tickets to the plane have already been bought.
  • The fee for the visa will range from $15 to $20 USD (300-350 Mexican Dollar). You can pay with cash. There is a line to get the visa near the airline you selected to fly. You may also Apply online with iVisa and pay between $75 and $95 to expedite shipping or rush orders.
  • Check-in for your flight in the same way as usual, but you will need to provide proof of your return flight or evidence of it being a round trip.
  • You must fill out the form for declaration of currency at the Mexican gate before boarding the plane for Havana. There is no need declaration if you’re carrying less than $10,000 worth of items.
  • Your flight should last about an hour.

After Arriving In Cuba

After arriving in Havana (or any other place where your ideal Cuban destination is), You will be:

  1. Check your passport at the border. You should provide proof of travel or health insurance in this instance (an original copy of your insurance is just fine).
  2. It will stamp your passport.
  3. Go through customs. There might be a form for customs to complete at this point or while waiting at the baggage claims section. Because you’re likely to be on holiday, you may need more items for customs officials to be able to identify anything so you can avoid the pain of a long line.
  4. Now, you’re legally in Cuba!

How To Make a Day Trip From Cancun to Cuba?

Daily flights depart from Cancun to Cuba for those who want to take a day trip. The Interjet airline, for example, provides low-cost flights for approximately $90 one-way. The journey between Cancun to Cuba is now more accessible due to the low-cost airline.

Once you have secured your visa for tourist After securing your tourist visa, you’re now set to explore and discover this amazing country. If you’re going on just one day of travel, Here are some items you shouldn’t miss:

Hemingway’s Finca Vigia

In Cuba, You can visit the former home of Nobel-winning author Hemingway. This is the house of Hemingway in the Americas during the time of Fidel Castro. Hemingway was a resident of Lookout Farm during the 1940s and 1950s. He wrote The Old Man and the Sea.

When you visit this well-known author’s residence, there is a room stuffed with original scripts written by the writer. Looking through hundreds of books by Hemingway and his yacht, Pilar, is also possible. It is among the top tourist attractions you can’t skip in Cuba.

French influence on Cienfuegos

If you want to experience the French influence in the country, you should go to Cienfuegos. As per locals ‘ perception, it’s one of the cities in Paris in the Caribbean.

Don Luis de Clouet founded the area in 1819. The French style and its influences are evident in the boulevards and parks of the region. Additionally, there is an array of neoclassical structures that showcase French-style luxury. It is home to the Castillo de Jagua, an old Cuban fort that stands high in Cienfuegos.

Far-flung Baracoa

In the country’s eastern part, there’s an island known as Baracoa. Christopher Columbus once visited the area. It was also one of the first places of Spanish conquistadores. Baracoa was also the very first capital of the nation.

You’ll be relaxed and awed by nature when you are there. Plenty of palms, bananas, and chocolate plants make the city vibrant and green. Additionally, is the presence of waterways and rivers where you can go on boat trips. Naturally, it would be best if you did not overlook salto fino. Salto Fino for its waterfall, which is a wonder.

Hershey Railway

If you want a more exciting way to experience Cuba, visit the Hershey Railway. American chocolate producers invented this method of transport. The railway was an option to transport sugar from the farms to the Cuban capital. The railway is in full operation.

It is possible to travel 92 kilometers between Matanzas and Casablanca suburbs. It’s the only way to reach Matanzas and interact with Matanzas residents.

Landscape of Vinales

If you want a more eco-friendly trip, visit this township in Vinales. It’s a far cry from the influences of colonialism in cities like Havana. This region has an agricultural landscape, traditional farms, and lush greenery. It is a very rural area with life at a slow pace. If you are in Vinales, You should be able to miss The Saint Thomas caves. It is the second-largest underground cave located in South America.

There are natural rock formations and old-fashioned paintings of pre-Colombina Indians.

It is a place of historical significance and well worth the time to visit.

Habana Vieja

Naturally, if you go to Cuba, there is no reason to be able to miss Old Havana. This is where the real Cuban life is. There is an old-fashioned image of American taxis, which add vibrant color to the cities.

It is believed that Old Havana also bears the highly coveted UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The site is significant in its historical context and continues to tell the narrative. In this area, you can see impressive defense walls, Baroque, medieval, and neoclassical structures. They enhance the beauty and uniqueness of the city. Remember to spend time going to El Capitolio, Plaza de Armas, the El Capitolio Plaza de Armas, and other historic landmarks.

Che Guevara Mausoleum

The most famous persona in the nation of Cuba is Che Guevarra. In the same town is the mausoleum that the notorious Che Guevarra built. It is located on a hill that overlooks Santa Clara. Santa Clara. There is a seven-meter bronze statue and a seven-meter bronze statue. Nearby is a supply train for the military that is associated with Che Guevara too.

Trinidad del Cuba

Another essential site to visit within the nation should be Trinidad de Cuba. It’s also one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites founded in 1514. It is home to many colonial-era palaces, plazas, churches, and remains from sugar mills.

You’ll find old-fashioned cobblestone streets that are surrounded by traditional Spanish mansions. Trinidad de Cuba is a preserved historical monument within the nation. Many tourists visit the area because it is also located within Central Cuba and the Caribbean Sea.

Playa Paradiso

If you like to indulge yourself in the natural surroundings of Cuba, You should not skip this Playa Paradiso. It is located on the west side of Cayo Largo, a tiny island on Cuba’s southern coast.

The location is on the top list of beautiful beaches worldwide. There you can enjoy the warm sun of the south, blue water, and fine, chilly Sand. The beach is a great place to relax since it is among the most unexplored areas in the region. It’s an ideal spot to escape city life’s hustle and bustle and take in the beautiful natural world.

Gardens of the Queen

Another excellent place to visit in Cuba can be the Gardens of the Queen or Jardines de la Reina. This is among the most extensive Marine reserves in the Caribbean. Divers from all over the world visit the area due to the natural beauty of the area. Plenty of coral formations, sea turtles, and an entire school of fish are at the dive site. It is exciting to see sharks in this area of Cuba.

How To Exchange Currency

You can change your money in the following locations:

  • Airport
  • Bank
  • Official Government Currency Exchange Houses (CADECA)

Also, the most:

  • Hotels and resorts
  • Shopping centers

Bring your money to the agent at the establishment and inform them of the you’d like to exchange it for.

Important Currency Note: Cuba and Mexico both use pesos for their currency. However, they’re distinct from their country, and you need help to utilize Cuban Pesos inside Mexico and Mexican Pesos inside Cuba.

Fun Things To Do In Cancun

If you’re staying in Cancun, There are numerous exciting activities for you and your travel group will enjoy! Some of the most popular activities in Cancun are:

The Cancun Underwater Museum 

The Cancun Underwater Museum is an unforgettable diving experience through the 500 underwater sculptures. The museum offers an underwater adventure connecting the arts with the natural world.

The Beaches to Visit

The best beaches to visit are:

  • Playa Caracol
  • Playa Langosta
  • The Xcaret Beach Park (eco-archaeological park and beach)
  • Isla Contoy – A beach island that is famous for its birds
  • Playa Tortugas
  • Xacel
  • Playa Delfines

Visit Chichen Itza

A UNESCO World Heritage site. Chichen Itza is a renowned Mayan city dating from the fifteenth century.

Swimming in the Cenote The Cenote 

More than 30000 cenotes and a few oasis pools in Cancun are crystal-clear bodies of water, usually hidden within caves and a tree-filled forest. Relax in the most tranquil cave swimming found in Mexico, and then combine it with a trip to Chichen Itza.

Ruins of Tulum 

Tulum is just 8 miles from Cancun (about one hour and a half hour).

Enjoy the Nightlife

Cancun is a thriving party town, and you should surely enjoy it for what it is! Some of the most popular nightclubs to go to include:

  • Coco Bongo
  • Cuncrawl
  • Cancun Vibes
  • Mandala Cancun
  • H Roof

Fun Things To Do In Cuba

To name a few suggestions for your travels, The most sought-after activities in Cuba include:

Exploring Old Havana 

The city has stunning architecture, unique colors, and captivating scents.

Vinales Valley

 A beautiful valley in the mountain ranges of Sierra de los Organos.

El Malecon

A city in the coastal zone with a fantastic seawall.

El Capitolio 

A landmark in the past and a government building located in Havana.

Enjoy the Food Tour 

Please take a look at it with the tastes of Mexico!

Museum of the Revolution

Located in Old Havana.

La Cabana

An 18th-century fortress is among the biggest of its kind in the Americas.

Varadero Beach 

A paradise on the planet.  

Try Cuban Espresso

See what the hype is about!

Peninsula de Zapata National Park

If you need an experience of nature.

Discover Castle El Morro Castle

A 1590 castle worth a visit. It is also a stunning spot to start your trip to Havana, located close to the coast.

Experience a show at Tropicana 

This show is the lounge in Cuba! Enjoy a taste of Cuban style at a post-dinner performance. You’ll then be able to dance all night long in a local bar with all the Cuban dance moves you’ve learned!

You may be merely observing Cuba from the shores of Cancun (or you want to discover both destinations). There are many diverse options, and worth a visit.


Unfortunately, you can’t see Cuba from Cancun. However, you should still be able to have fun in these places! Within the context of the globe, 100 miles is quite close in terms of proximity. If you’re visiting one area, it’s worthwhile to consider a day trip to another!

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