Will My Phone Work in Mexico? Cell Phone in Mexico 2023 Guide

Are you considering a trip to Mexico and looking for the answer about will my phone work in Mexico? Look no further, as I have all the answers for you!

Being a travel enthusiast based in Cancun, finding reliable cellphone service was my top priority upon arriving in Mexico.

Since then, I have gained extensive knowledge about using cell phones in Mexico. In this article, I will inform you about your phone’s compatibility in Mexico, provide valuable tips on staying connected during your visit, and inform you about the extent of coverage and service.

Continue reading to find out the most important question – Will my phone work in Mexico?

Will My Phone Work in Mexico

Will My Phone Work in Mexico?

Your phone will likely be working in Mexico. The functionality of your device depends on various factors, including your provider, phone model, and whether or not you have an international subscription.

Suppose you are a subscriber of AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile. You can use your phone in Mexico without issues, provided you have an international subscription. Typically, these subscriptions offer unlimited texting, calling, and data usage while you are in Mexico.

You can still use your phone in Mexico without an international subscription, but you will incur expensive charges for international roaming on all services.

To obtain accurate information regarding your carrier’s policies and any unique plans or offers for international travel, it is advisable to contact them before your journey. 

Will My Cell Phone Work in Mexico

Below is a brief overview of the leading cellular service providers in the United States and their options for international usage in Mexico:

Will T-Mobile Work in Mexico?

If your T-Mobile plan includes international coverage, then your phone will be operational in Mexico.

T-Mobile provides two international plans for coverage in Mexico – Essentials and Magenta. With both plans, you will have unlimited data, calls, text messages, and data in Mexico (and Canada).

The primary distinction between the two plans is that Magenta offers up to 5GB of 4G LTE access, while the Essentials plan only provides 2G data.

Most T-Mobile unlimited plans automatically include coverage in Mexico and Canada, but it is advisable to verify the details of your specific plan.

I have a T-Mobile (previously Sprint) plan in the United States and can use my phone in Mexico easily.

Upon arrival in Mexico, you will receive a text message confirming that you can make calls, send texts, and browse the internet at no additional cost. 

Text Message Screen Shot

I always use a wifi connection whenever possible to prevent surpassing my international data limit. However, if you intend to remain in Mexico for an extended period without returning to the United States, exploring alternative options, such as obtaining a local SIM card, would be beneficial, as T-Mobile international plans are not designed for prolonged international usage.

Will Verizon Work in Mexico?

Your Verizon phone should work in Mexico if you have international roaming activated. They provide a TravelPass international plan that allows you to utilize your regular service, including unlimited text and data, while in Mexico.

Each day you use TravelPass, you will be charged a daily fee of approximately $5 USD, but no long-term obligation exists. Moreover, you can acquire additional international monthly plans at an extra cost.

To include TravelPass in your plan, you can visit the Verizon website, use the app, or text “Travel” to 4004.

Additionally, you can utilize the International Trip Planner tool to confirm coverage and find the most suitable international plan for your trip.

Will AT&T Work in Mexico?

If you possess an eligible limitless plan, your AT&T cell phone function in Mexico. AT&T provides a boundless data plan without any limits or additional charges while using your plan in Mexico, just as you would in the United States.

This allows you to utilize your qualified AT&T Limitless phone plan, which encompasses calling, texting, and data services, in Mexico without any restrictions on data usage or additional fees for roaming charges. 

Since AT&T is also accessible in Mexico, you will be connecting to the same network, although the speed, quality of signal, and connectivity might differ in Mexico. 

Using Your Phone in Mexico

Will Cricket Cell Phone Work in Mexico?

 If you have a Cricket Wireless Unlimited phone plan, your Cricket phone will function in Mexico.

All Cricket Unlimited plans currently incorporate roaming data services and limitless calls and texts between Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

AT&T Mexico and Telcel are the providers of coverage in Mexico.

Mexican Cell Service Providers

Below is a brief summary of the leading mobile phone companies operating in Mexico: 


Telcel is Mexico’s dominant mobile service provider, possessing more than 60% of the market. Upon arrival in Mexico, your phone will likely connect to a Telcel tower as they partner with most major United States networks. Telcel offers the fastest and most dependable data speeds in Mexico, ensuring a comparable experience to what you are accustomed to in American urban areas. If you require a local SIM card, Telcel is unquestionably the top choice. 


Movistar is the runner-up in terms of cell service providers in Mexico. Although they offer lower prices, Movistar typically has limited coverage and slower internet speeds than Telcel, so it would be advisable to refrain from using their services if possible. 


In Mexico, AT&T is the third biggest cellular service provider. The acquisition of Iusacell by AT&T in 2014 has resulted in a rapid expansion of its network. If you have an AT&T account in the United States, connecting to the same network will be a seamless experience.

Cell Phone Coverage in Mexico?

Suppose you are staying in the main tourist spots in Mexico, such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen, Mexico City or Los Cabos. You will likely have good cellular service and fast data.

The major mobile service providers offer good coverage in these areas and can provide speeds up to 4G.

However, if you explore more rural areas, your coverage might need to be more reliable. This is particularly true for destinations in Yucatan like Bacalar, Holbox and El Cuyo.

If you need to remain connected, consider using a wifi hotspot for reliable service, even in areas with weak cellular coverage.

You will generally find decent service in most places you visit in Mexico. 

What to Do if Phone Not Work in Mexico?

 If your phone is not working in Mexico, there are several alternatives you can try.

Use wifi

If you encounter difficulties making your phone function in Mexico, you can still manage by utilizing your phone as a wifi device.

As a result, you will be able to utilize applications that do not require a data connection (such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Google Hangouts, etc.), and you will have to locate complimentary wifi to connect. 

Free Wifi in Mexico

Buy a Mexican SIM Card

If you plan on staying in Mexico for a long time and want fast and consistent internet, purchasing a Mexican SIM card is advisable rather than relying on other options.

If you have a mobile device from the United States, it will be necessary for you to ensure that your phone is not locked before heading to Mexico.

Subsequently, before your departure, you can acquire a Telcel SIM card from Amazon and insert it once you reach your destination.

This method is highly beneficial for individuals planning to stay in Mexico for an extended period, as it grants access to a local telephone number and allows one to capitalize on lower rates. 

Use an e-SIM Card in Mexico.

If your mobile device is capable, you can use an electronic SIM card in Mexico. This enables you to access a data plan without acquiring a physical SIM card.

However, remember that an e-SIM card solely provides data and does not grant you a local phone number. 

Nevertheless, you can still use messaging apps such as Whatsapp or other wifi calling apps. To use an e-SIM card, you must possess a suitable phone and purchase an international travel E-SIM package from an e-SIM provider like Holafly.

After acquiring your e-SIM card, you will need to activate it and consequently have access to a data plan without needing a physical SIM card. 

Mexican Cell Phone

Buy a Mexican Cell Phone

If you have no other options, consider purchasing a disposable cellphone for approximately $20 USD in Mexico.

In Mexico, you can find affordable mobile phones at Oxxo convenience stores or most shopping malls, and they will include a preloaded SIM card.

By having a Mexican cellphone, you can make calls and access data, though your number will be from Mexico. At the very least, this will keep you connected while you are in Mexico until you go back home. 

How to Use Your Phone in Mexico on the Beach

Tips for Using Cell Phones in Mexico

Use these suggestions to maintain communication while in Mexico.

Consult with your Service Provider:

Before your trip, it is highly recommended to consult your service provider regarding international roaming rates and coverage. By doing so, you will clearly understand the expenses involved and be able to prepare accordingly. 

Get Whatsapp installed Before your departure:

Whatsapp is the top messaging application in Mexico and is utilized by virtually all individuals nationwide for making phone calls and sending text messages. When linked, Whatsapp uses wifi, making it an excellent method to conserve data consumption. Furthermore, it is the primary means to communicate with residents, companies, and service providers. Get Whatsapp by clicking this link.

Use wifi:

If possible, use complimentary wifi at your accommodation, resort, or nearby cafés to cut down on the amount of data you use. The availability of free internet is increasingly prevalent in Mexico, so locating a network shouldn’t prove overly challenging.

Make use of the wifi available at the airport:

If you encounter difficulties accessing service upon arrival in Mexico, utilize the complimentary airport wifi to organize or arrange a meeting with your preferred airport transportation service.

Use a VPN:

If you have security concerns, contemplate utilizing a VPN when connected to public wifi hotspots. Additionally, VPNs enable you to connect to beloved streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime and enjoy your preferred shows even in a foreign country.

Download Offline Maps:

If you plan on travelling to locations with unreliable network coverage, download offline maps from Google Maps beforehand. This will enable you to utilize your map applications even in places with limited access to high-speed internet.

Use a wifi Hotspot:

If you plan on visiting the more secluded areas of Mexico, consider utilizing a portable wifi hotspot. This device will provide you with a personal and safe internet connection that you can bring along anywhere, even in regions with limited cellular coverage.

Ensure that your phone is not left unattended:

Petty stealing is regularly observed in Mexico. Hence, exercise caution and never leave your cell phone unguarded. While outside, a waist bag is an excellent choice for ensuring the proximity and safety of your phone and personal possessions.

Cell Phone Coverage in Mexico

FAQs about Can I Use My Phone in Mexico

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about using your cell phone in Mexico:

Can American telephones work when you are in Mexico?

American phone models will function in Mexico, provided you have coverage for international calls in your cell phone service.

If you plan to remain in Mexico for a prolonged period and want to purchase a Mexican SIM card for use on your American phone, you’ll have to ensure your device can be unlocked before leaving Mexico.

Once the SIM card is locked, you’ll be able to purchase a Mexican SIM card and use it to access cellular service and data while travelling in Mexico.

Which phone service is the most reliable in Mexico for travellers?

The most reliable cell phone provider for tourists visiting Mexico can be found with Telcel. Major operators in the US cooperate with Telcel to offer cellular data and coverage of networks.

Telcel provides the most coverage throughout the country. should you require it, their Prepaid SIM cards are accessible at most Oxxo or 7-Eleven convenience stores.

Do you have T-Mobile stores in Mexico?

There are only a few T-Mobile locations in Mexico if you are a T-Mobile customer and require personal assistance in Mexico. Contact T-Mobile if they provide service in abroad.

Will my T-Mobile Phone Work in Mexico

Do cell phones cost costly in Mexico?

Cell plan phone services in Mexico are incredibly affordable. Plans for monthly service with Telcel can cost as little as $24 USD per month and include unlimited calls, unlimited app use on social networks such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram, along with a capacity of 6GB.

You could buy an add-on data plan or top-up from your neighbourhood convenience store if you require more data.

Do I require a SIM card to use in Mexico?

You’ll only require a SIM card to use in Mexico If you don’t have coverage internationally or plan to stay in Mexico for a prolonged period.

Suppose you’re just visiting for a brief time. Using your US SIM is likely to work.

If you need a SIM card to Mexico First, you’ll want to ensure your phone is not locked. You can then buy a Mexico SIM card on Amazon before your travel.

This way, you can insert the SIM card into your phone when you land and immediately access data and call.

Mexican Prepaid SIM Cards

Final Thoughts: Will My Cell Phone Work in Mexico?

I hope this article gives insight into using your mobile device while in Mexico and remaining connected to travelling abroad.

Contact your cell phone service provider before you go to ensure you’ll have access to service during your stay in Mexico and avoid paying a high phone bill!

If you require a Mexican SIM card, you can buy one online before your travels from Amazon.

Most likely, your phone is an American cellphone that will work in Mexico if you have international coverage on your package.

If that’s the situation, using your mobile in Mexico should be fine and stay connected throughout your travels.

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